The V game I mentioned in the post above was brought on by a pamphlet I got from Activision in the mail. It showed how they animated Pitfall Harry by really showing two images.Legs together, then apart with arms moving. I thought "That's it? I can do that".

So I made a game based on V where you are on the mothership and trying to escape. To do that you had to run through the corridors (which was like Pit Fall) and the aliens would randomly be in the hallway and randomly shoot high, low, or not at all giving you a chance to jump or duck. Once you get through a few hallways, you get away on a shuttle…which turned into a game sorta like Zaxxon.

I would have the following enemy shuttle see your move right or left, and take your move into consideration as it randomly did a right or left..oh and shoot too. I was trying to make it look like it was making decisions and sometimes not be correct. I had random trees scroll by to show movement too.

That was about as far as I went. It was fun to do and I probably spent way too many man hours than I could afford on it. Bonus points: I had it stored on a red floppy with a black V I put over the face of the disk with a black sharpie.