About Me

Hello, my name is Kreg Steppe.

I have several interests in creative writing, photography, audio production, and web application development. Currently I work as a web developer and have been for the last 10 years working with web technologies including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and IIS. My work has lead me to create rich and robust solutions including writing a custom intranet, extranet, and workflow applications.

I am also a podcasting early adopter. In late 2004, as podcasting started to get recognition, I became involved with several podcasts, emerging as a consummate assistant to budding podcasters. In early 2005 I joined Chuck Tomasi and launched Technorama, a podcast with a lighthearted look at all things tech and sci-fi. Working on Technorama, and as a member of Friends In Tech social media group, I have had several years of audio production experience including creative writing, coordination logistics, and editing. Some examples of my favorite projects include the Friends in Tech Holiday Specials, and creative audio productions for Technorama which you can find more here.

One of my most treasured passions is Photography. I have not tried my hand with photography before until my wife bought me an Olympus 1.3mp camera around the year 2000. Once I started with it I couldn’t turn back. Now I always carry my camera with me and use it whenever I can. I feel that photography has made me a better observer of the world around me and it is very satisfying when I capture a moment or images that I can only imagine.

I have done some light speaking most recently at Create South 2009 regarding “Sharing Your Photography and Social Media” and in 2010 on “Letting Photography change your Perspective”.

I am pretty easy to get a hold of. You can find me on:

Email: kregsteppe [at] gmail dot com
Voice mail: 1 (704) 631-9982