Auphonic Importer for WordPress


This plugin for WordPress will read your productions in Auphonic (via API) and pull the last 10 productions into WordPress automatically. It will create a post, with the category you choose, and you have the option to pull them in automatically as Published or as Drafts to allow edits and add pictures, etc…and then publish.


1. To install, copy the plugin into your WordPress plugins folder, and from the Admin->Plugins interface Activate it.

2. Go to the Auphonic Importer options page under Settings and Click the “Save Changes” button to finish the install.

3. Return to the Auphonic Importer options page under Settings and fill out the required fields. The Tag will be the corresponding Tag that you set in your Auphonic preset (See screen-shot below). The problem I was trying to solve was if you produce several podcasts through Auphonic the Tag would the filter for the productions intended for only this blog. In the example below ‘Podcast’ is used, change as needed.

To do an hourly cron just call and pipe it to null.

Things to note

  • Title of the production from Auphonic will be the Title of your post in WordPress.
  • The Summary (Description) of the Production in Auphonic will be the body of your WordPress post.
  • Any Tags you put in your Auphonic preset or production will come over to WordPress as Tags, unless you check the box to not include it. (See plugin settings below)
  • This plugin only recognizes Productions from Auphonic that produce an url with a file type of mp3, mp4, and m4a.
  • If you are using Dropbox as a service in Auphonic to place your file for example, you may not get an url directly to your file and it therefore will not be imported.

Link to Download

Auphonic Importer

or for anyone using git

Known Issues

  • Category is not being set on posts being imported


Service Settings need a Base url in Auphonic

Add a Tag to your Preset settings in Auphonic

Settings in Auphonic Importer in WordPress

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