Look What I Found – Ep05 – Cats!

I recorded from my computer tonight and talk about Cats, and Curiosity. Get it…Cats…Curiosity! Ha! .. Enjoy.

Check out my friends also participating in the Dog Days of Podcasting.

Get FiT for Christmas

This past week has been something else. Besides Thanksgiving, the other thing that I have been busy with is writing a story. We, The Friends in Tech, are working on putting together a Geek Christmas Carol. I don’t want to let out all of the details just yet, but it is exciting. It is a radio play type production, and of course set with a Christmas Carol Theme to it.

I haven’t written anything this big since School, and part of me wanted to do this to prove that I could. However, I have to give a shout out to Douglas Welch…he has really put more polish on it than I could have, and made it flow really well.

The most interesting aspect of this project is everyone’s enthusiasm over participating. Once I had it written, all the parts that I had listed filled up quickly and we even have some guest voice talent too…

It is really cool to see everyone rally around something that you had a hand in making. More details to come as we get closer…

Look for it at Friends in Tech before Christmas!

Summer Brooks from Dragonpage.com on Technorama!

Last night was a lot of fun. Summer Brooks from Dragonpage.com was kind enough to join us for the entire show on Technorama. Over at Dragonpage.com, they produce 3 podcasts. Slice or Sci-fi, for mainstream news of Movies and TV, Cover to Cover dealing with print media, and Wingin’ It, which is whatever comes up and she works as producer, and fact checker.

What started as an interview turned more into a chat. It was a lot of fun to do, and I am sure a lot of fun to listen to.

So go and have a listen!