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Vent Cerf working for Google?

Wow, I wonder what they have in mind…

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
hsuwh writes “Google has hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf away from MCI as its “Chief Internet Evangelist”. “He is one of the most important people alive today,” said [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt, who has been friends with Cerf for more than 20 years. “Vint has put his heart and soul into making the Internet happen. I know he is going to jump right in here and start shoveling out new ideas for Google.””

Beagle Desktop Search Reviewed

I have really wanted to see this in action…however I have had trouble with getting it running myself. I do think that this will eventually be an important project.

Beagle Desktop Search Reviewed
An open-source alternative, Beagle provides fast indexing and searching of all your files. Kevin of the LinuxForums.org content development team has used it, abused it and reviewed it.

Talk about keeping the Net up!

I found these guys through an article on Wired. This is impressive. They are keeping their data center up despite the destruction and mayhem around them.

I have been monitoring their IRC channel it is mind blowing to read about all this.

Links to Photos and blogs are available through the wired article.

Wired News: Flood Waters Can’t Sink Net Link
Despite the loss of most public utilities, at least one hosting company in hurricane-battered New Orleans is still online, fighting against time and the odds to keep part of the internet humming.

Update: Here is another link to an MSNBC Article