Geo Caching!


Yesterday I went on a Geo Cache hunt and found my first one! If you don’t know what GeoCaching is head on over here and read all about it. Basically, it is a treasure hunt with GPS coordinates. When you find the cache, you can take an object and leave something in return.

I used my trusty Nokia N800 and an iBlue 737 and it looks like I had a more productive time than ThoughtFix at, which his post was the inspiration to try it.

I found this at the base of a tree with a couple of sticks and leaves on it. I left a Deutsch Mark in return for a coin that was in the container.

Softmod your Xbox in 10 Minutes?

10 Minutes, what are you waiting for?

TechFreaks v2
Xbox modification has come a long way in the past couple years. With the introduction of the TSOP mod, potential modders no longer had to shell out money for a modchip; rather just bridge two points on the Xbox motherboard. Now one doesn’t even have to open up his Xbox. Welcome to the world of soft modding. Using code exploits in certain games, a user is able to load a phony gamesave that will boot into a Linux based operating system and allow a user to mod his Xbox… in under ten minutes.


If you have ever played Halo, and like the Simpsons….

DarqKnyght created a spoof montage – ever wonder what it would sound like if Homer Simpson played Xbox Live? Wonder no more! Timing is beautiful, and there were several laugh-out-loud clip choices (for me, at least). Warning ahead of time: anyone who chooses to denigrate the actual gameplay shown (“those weren’t very impressive kills”) on our forum will be mocked mercilessly by me – this montage is NOT about the masterful play, it’s about the great matchup between gameplay and Simpson snippets. Go watch – it’s funny. 34.4 mb, in either WMP9 or QuickTime formats. (Louis Wu 15:44:09 UTC)

Soft Modding your XBOX

I often think about modding my XBOX, mainly because I want a place to put all my MAME stuff on. However, I am not sure about popping open the cover of the thing. (Interesting because this feeling hasn’t stopped me before.)

Anyway, here is a link to a step by step guide to Softmodding your XBOX, and even installing Mac OSX on it. Maybe I can get over that feeling this coming weekend…

XBOX MOD – Mac Install


The other day I downloaded The OpenCD. They had just released version 1.4 and I was interested to see what software that they installed provided on it. (Very handy BTW)

After some looking around I found a game called Neverball. It is like putt putt meets marble madness. It is a lot of fun, and free. I spent a couple hours playing this thing. You probably will too…