Training for a 5k Starts Monday

The title is a little narrow for what I am trying to do, but I’ve had it. I am ready to shed the weight and get myself together. To do that I have a plan and I have a goal. I’ll lay it all our here in this post and chronicle my progress on the blog as I move along…the ups and the downs.

A little background on last year. I purchased P90x back in early 2010. I started in January and finished the entire schedule with a few missed workouts here and there. I felt amazing as if I were some super-human about halfway through it. My endurance was up and I could run without sucking wind afterwards…something I hadn’t felt in years.

I started revisiting P90X after a week or two of finishing the first round but I didn’t stick with it. Quickly and before I knew it time passed and then the holidays came and the food with it and I just let myself go. Yes, after all that hard work. I am at that point now where I feel that enough is enough and I am ready to go back again. I believe in the P90X program because I have seen my own results and that is why I am going to hit it again.

I am going to lay out my high level goals first and then break it down into smaller goals that I can accomplish as I go forward. Additionally, to keep myself honest, I will be regularly blogging and updating my stats. I have a P90X spreadsheet on my Google Docs that you can view and follow along with my progress. (I may do a blog post just on the spreadsheet alone.)

Weight: I want to get to 175 or as close as possible. Currently I weight 210, so that means I need to loose 35 lbs. I am not sure I can get that far due to my body type. If I can’t I will be happy to get to 185 lbs. I also know that as time goes on I will be gaining muscle mass which will offset my weight goals some.

Endurance & Fitness: I plan on running a 5k with my Dad on August 27th, 2011. This is the high level goal that I need to reach and my motivating factor. To get here I will go through P90X and during the Phase III start adding some running to my schedule ramping up and continuing till the 5k on the 27th.

To make these goals I need to break them down into smaller goals that seem easier for me to concentrate on and achieve.

First Goals: Finish week 1 of P90X, loose 2 lbs, and blog or podcast about it.

Again, check back and see where I am at each week. You can leave comments here or follow me on Twitter to track my status, cheer me on, or do it with me.

By the way…I want to thank Annie Fulkerson for finding me on Twitter the first time I did P90X and provided encouragement. Hopefully she will be around for this time too. Follow her…she is awesome.