A Hole in My Art

Harriet Bucy was one of my old art teachers in School. Sure I use to goof off in class some (drawing cartoons) and I remember getting under her skin a few times, however I did like her a lot. I have seen her around town from time to time since having her in school and she was always very kind.

Not that we were ever close or communicated a lot after school, but one thing that I do remember is that when I did see her she would ask if I was doing anything with my art. Of course I would have to respond, “no, but…”. However, it is Her asking is what sticks out in my mind and I am reminded sometimes it is the little things that people do that can make a huge impact on your life.

So perhaps this is a reminder to me that life is too short, and I should “do something with my art” today.

Thanks Harriet!

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Harriet Bucy, who started the Rock Hill school district community partnership program in 1985 that became a national model and ran it until her retirement three years ago, died Thursday night at home, said Elaine Baker, spokesperson for the school district.