BSG Freaking Rocked!

The show has been more of a drama than a Scifi space flick, but it was a nice surprise to see all the beautiful effects and action shots in laast nights episode….Great Show and an awesome wrap for the opening to Season 3.

New Star Trek? Why Not?

If you haven’t heard, Star Trek the original series is getting a face lift with new digital effects like Star Wars got. I for one think it will be interesting to see what the “new” one looks like.

Hey look on the bright side. It is on TV, Cost Nothing, and George
Lucas isn’t getting money from it.

It starts on Saturday the 16th…check your listings.

SurgeTV, what tha…

This is the stupidest thing I think that I have read in a long time. First G4 takes over TechTV to become G4TechTV then just G4 again…and now we have the SciFi Channel changing the name to what sounds like a Cola? AND adding wrestling? What the Heck is going on!

Maybe I am just getting older…I don’t know.

SCI FI Channel to Change Name to SurgeTV
November 1, 2006, the SCI FI Channel will change their name to SurgeTV,
to reflect the changing demographic thrust of the successful
long-running cable channel. In addition, deals are currently working
out to bring back ECW for a three-times a week run in prime time, as
well as reruns (Pre-WWE) of professional wrestling events.

Update: Ok, I am an idiot…Looks like I was taken in. Apparently this is a prank…I went looking for an official notice on their site but didn’t find one, and now I see others questioning it. Guess I should have looked before I pulled the trigger on my blog! Bleh.

Ben 10

There are not a lot of newer cartoon shows on that I can get into, but my son has been stuck on Ben-10 and I have to say that I am getting that way to.

Ben Tennyson finds the Omnitrix (looks like a big watch) that permanently attaches to his arm and it allows him to transform into 1 of 10 aliens with super powers. It is the sort of thing that I think any boy would have hoped to find.

He uses this new found abilities for everything between stopping bad buys and saving his cousin Gwen.

Lots of Fun especially if you have a young one into Superheroes.

Oh Boy…New Star Trek Movie

There is a lot of speculation about what the next movie will be about. J.J. Abrahms hinted that it will take place in early Star Trek Lore with Kirk and Spock at StarFleet Academy…but I think that the recently released movie poster for it says a lot.

Check it out at Star

Superman Returns Again!

I saw it last night at the 10p showing on Tuesday.
There is a lot to say about this movie. Here are my reactions being a Superman fan, and a fan of the original 2 films. (3 and 4 didn’t work for me in the way Star Trek 5 didn’t either)

  • The Special effects were spot on. Seeing Superman really work himself and his powers was fantastic.
  • Pacing on the movie slowed sometimes a little too much for Character development…but I think that it was needed..

Overall…A really good movie, and really keeps pace with the really good Superhero movies we have been given (Spiderman, and Batman Begins). Superman is at a crossroads in his life now, and they updated the world that he lives in.

I do get the feeling, and I read another reviewer who thought the same, that all the character development was really a set up for the next film. I will definitely see this again.

I will be talking about this more tonight on Technorama