Podcasting Mania!

Wow…seems like a busy podcasting week for me.

Sunday night I was on the Typical Mac User Podcast with Victor Cajiao talking about doing things with your Mac. It was a lot of fun and got some good questions from the chat room. Victor always has a lively bunch hanging out during the show, and he knows how to work the crowd.

Monday night I got the privilege of hanging out and talking with Dean Jensen of the Soho Technology Podcast. Bruce Barr and I were on talking about Open Source in the Soho environment. Dean brought something up that I hadn’t thought about in a while. Smaller networks, or more specifically, small businesses needs are different from that of larger corporations. It isn’t a one size fits all world and I know that, and not having been involved with small businesses/small networks in the capacity that Dean has as a consultant in a long while kinda got lost somewhere in my mind.

*update* I almost forgot to mention that Chuck and I interviewed Dr. Pamela Gay Sunday about Her podcasting and of course, Astronomy…loads of fun. That should be coming out this week on Technorama.

Tron Light Cycles

I saw this YouTube video this morning over on Frederator Studios and no matter how many times I see it, I still think it is cool.

Frederator Studios Blog

While some selections are spot on (who can argue that “Tron” is not a benchmark of CG), some leave you scratching your head as to why they were listed instead of other films. For example, they list “Radioland Murders” but not “Toy Story”. Also, three of the films on the list haven’t been released yet. Huh?

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Geo Caching!


Yesterday I went on a Geo Cache hunt and found my first one! If you don’t know what GeoCaching is head on over here and read all about it. Basically, it is a treasure hunt with GPS coordinates. When you find the cache, you can take an object and leave something in return.

I used my trusty Nokia N800 and an iBlue 737 and it looks like I had a more productive time than ThoughtFix at Tabletblog.com, which his post was the inspiration to try it.

I found this at the base of a tree with a couple of sticks and leaves on it. I left a Deutsch Mark in return for a coin that was in the container.

CES called and they want their thunder back…

Wow can you believe it, no sooner did CES wrap but Apple came into Macworld and stole the show. A big chunk of the internet is a buzz about the new iPhone. This thing does just about everything. I think that they should have called it the iKitchenSink.

Not to miss this as well, but Apple also gave us some more info on the Apple TV. What I like about this is .. if it is in your iTunes it is on your TV. Homemade movies, music, purchased music, TV, movies…everything.

Very Cool.