Star Trek: New Voyages…

Related to my earlier post about Fanfilms This is one I really liked. Basically this is a pickup of where Star Trek:TOS left off.

This is a band of people working together to create a new set of Star Trek:TOS style episodes that actually pick up where season 3 of the TOS left off. They say that this is what season 4 would have been like.

There is Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The sets and costumes really look like they picked up authentic stuff off of ebay or something. What amazes me most is that they can’t make a dime off of this, yet they work thier rears off to make a film.

The first episode was good, called ‘Come What May’. The second, “In Harms Way” was just released earlier this month and I am downloading it now.
Check it out over Here

I wish that there was a way for these people to profit something from this, but you know how that goes…