Can I afford to be a Star Wars fan?

I just filled out a survey over at The survey was to see what services and or things they could throw at me to make me interested in being a Hyperspace subscriber. I assume that they are doing this because Star Wars III is coming out soon and I am sure they are looking to see what could keep or build their subscriber base.

Some of the things they had suggestions for were Original Stories, Insider information on Indy IV and the Star Wars TV projects, and discounts at their I was looking at their shop, after the survey because I realized I hadn’t seen it in a while, and I was surprised and not so at the same time at what I found. I will be damned if I am gonna pay $109.99 for a freaking Darth Vader 77 football jersey. I mean even the proverbial fan in his parents basement would shudder. I think that the only thing that I could see purchasing is either the Yoda mouse pad or some pens. Even the Pez dispensers are $30.00 + bucks. It is expensive. Who can afford to collect unless you are the one who got out early during the Dot Com era.

Now, I have been a fan since day one, and I remember the day I first saw Star Wars and it was good. I looked forward to each new movie with much excitement, but once Phantom Menace came out I started to get that I am being milked feeling. First it is, go see the movie, buy it on VHS, oh guess what the DVD is out. Then not only is the DVD out, but then there is the Special Edition and to follow that up the Special Directors Golden Ram Rod Uncut Edition is out. Then, Hey it is the Special Directors Golden Ram Rod Uncut Collectors set with never before seen extras! And you know that this goes on with every good movie out there, and it sucks. It sucks because they know you are gonna get it.

I have a new appreciation for what I put my parents through. I think back at all the Star Wars stuff that I got then. Figures, ships, and trading cards. I was a certified Star Wars freak (With others), but I do have a suggestion to keep me a fan. Make a good Star Wars film for Episode III that will be worth my $8 ~ 9 dollars. That is all I want.

(Ok, To be fair, I did sorta like Attack of the Cones)