Fan Films, To boldly go…

In my never ending quest to find something more…something other than the 2 year release cycles of my favorite movie franchises…I have found that Fan films are alive and well on the Internet.

Last night on Technorama (the podcast I co-host), I talked about Fanfilms. I mentioned several really good home made productions. Grayson (Robin is Avenging Batmans death, and is faced with a conspiracy), BatMan : Dead End (A mix of Scifi and Batman) Troops and others…You can find links to all of those at the Technorama Site.

Now something that I forgot to mention…Star Trek fan films. There are some interesting ones coming down the pipe.
Over at New Voyages, they are producing episodes as if it was the forth season in the TOS time era. They have recast Kirk, Spock, and Bones (before you flip out, it is pretty well done) and the set and costumes look great. I just read that Walter Koeing is reprising his role as Checkov in an up coming one…

Now also over at New Voyages they have a links page that links to other Star Trek Fan projects. Some of note I would like to point you in the direction of…
Star Trek: Intrepid
Starship Execter
Also of interest… is Hidden Frontier. I looks like they actually have 6 seasons of episodes already. Set in the TNG era, it looks like they sacrificed building their own sets, and did a lot of green/blue screen. I will have to watch a few. Something else that I thought odd. If I am not mistaken, the theme music is from Galaxy Quest. Now, wasn’t Galaxy Quest sort of a spoof on Star Trek? Ironic.
Anyway, there is plenty here to spend a rainy day looking at.
BTW Got something interesting you like as far as Fan Films go, let me know.