More on the Implosion

I have had a lot of people asking how I did that…

What I did was I had 2 cameras. One was in my office in the Charlotte Plaza which is next door to the implosion, and the other at the Bank of America Corporate Center. (You can see where I was here mouse over the image for notes). I set up camera number 1 on my Mac mini in my office on Friday since they would not allow me in my building on the day of the implosion. On Sunday I set up camera number 2 in a conference room on the 46th floor in the BofA Center. Just before the implosion, at the 2 minute warning, I used VNC and logged into the Mini that was attached to Camera 1 and kicked off recording directly to it’s harddrive via iMovie. I then started recording on tape the camera that was with me. As the implosion took place, I started snapping pictures with my camera at the same time.

Afterwards, I edited the video on my Mac Mini and Voila. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.
You can view the video it here (Quicktime Required) and the Photos here.