Hey Yall, Watch This!

It seems that the Southern American English has been explained. Now you can understand me.

My southern accent comes and goes depending on who I am talking to. However, no matter what I can’t loose “Yall” and “Fixin to”. I can turn it up a notch if I am speaking to someone that is also genuinly southern.

I love to hear people that speak southern, but I can’t stand it when someone fakes a southern “Drawl” and tries to pass it off. I am sure the british probably feel the same when an American tries to fake a british accent too.

Visit the article to read the whole thing.
See yall. 😉

Do You Speak American . Sea to Shining Sea . American Varieties . Southern . Sounds | PBS
Some of the grammatical differences between SAE and other varieties are well known. For example, most Americans immediately recognize you-all and yall as distinctively Southern second person pronouns, and many would know that fixin to, as in “I’m fixin to eat breakfast,” is Southern as well. The latter represents a modification of the English auxiliary system that enables Southerners to encode an aspectual distinction grammatically that must be encoded lexically elsewhere: “I’m fixin to eat breakfast” means that I intend to eat breakfast in the next little while.