Knoppix Rocks, period!

Earlier this morning, I turned on my Laptop to get some work done. I first clicked on Firefox. I flipped over to another machine to check our internal mail. When I flipped back (kvm) I noticed that Firefox wasn’t starting. I clicked on Thunderbird. No go. Then finally I rebooted….and that is where the trouble started. I saw that Ubuntu couldn’t shut down some services, and upon reboot, I got the famous “run FSCK manually” message.

Wouldn’t you know it…this morning I actually held my disks in hand, and thought…nah…I won’t need them. Well I did. I needed my Ultimate Windows Boot Disk, or Knoppix…I had neither. So I downloaded Knoppix 4.0.

FSCK tried but found a TON of errors. I told it to repair, but a reboot afterwards was a no go. I ended up booting up on Knoppix and could find all my data in the Lost+Found under an obscure numbered folder (due to repair) and was able to get all my data copied off.

So, my hats off to Knoppix for giving me access to my Drive. Thanks Knoppix!