The ABCs of TV on the Internet

I just watched Lost on (for the first time)…pretty cool.

It stopped for a couple of quick moments, I assume buffering, but overall I watched it without any trouble.

Something interesting about the commercial breaks…There are 3, if you watch 2 they let the other one slide, and you don’t have to see it and breezes right by the commercial marker. As a commercial plays, there is a countdown timer at the bottom. After the commercial plays and timer is stopped, you have to click a button to continue with the show. I like
that because I can get up and walk off and come back and it is right were I left it. I assume you can click on the button and skip one of the commercials at your choosing, but have to see atleast 2.

I think that ABC has done a really good job with this…now after seeing LOST for the first time, I want to see the 1st season till now. I would watch more. I also think that people are going to have to realize, as much as I would rather skip commercials, that it pays thebills.