Is Digg Podcasts Section A Little Disingenuous?

I was excited to see Digg finally put Podcasts on their site, encouraging anyone to Digg the podcasts that they like. I thought this could provide a good way for new eyes to see all the podcasts that are out there, and promote them.

If you are not familiar with Digg, here is how it works. Someone submits a link to Digg. If enough people see it and also find it interesting they click the Digg link and vote for the article. If there are enough diggs to a article then it makes it to the front page and garners more attention.

Well, to a point for podcasts this could work. But not the way Digg is handling it. When you click on the digg-Podcast section, you are immediately taken to the Most Popular shows, not episodes. This is not a rotating section like on the front page with articles and even the videos section. Not only that, when they launched the podcast section it was laden with Revision3 / Kevin Rose shows and podcasts, and other Screensavers Alumni (read TWIT). Now I understand that they are popular, and that is fine I dugg some too, but now those shows have 12000, 10000 diggs, how is someone to compete with that? This list will never change.

What I propose is…make this a rotating section, like Videos and News, and encourage everyone to digg individual episodes, not the shows themselves. I may do an interview on my show that gets a lot of diggs and gets me exposure…someone else may do the same and get some exposure…BUT that won’t happen when people only see the most dugg shows.

You know…I know it is new and I hope that making episode voting was the focus of the plan all along after there were enough to do it.

If you want…show your support Digg my show.