Photography Rights

Speed Street in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC today was the kick off of Speed Street to coincide with the race this weekend. They block off a large section of downtown and have vendors and other events to celebrate the weekends festivities. Now, keeping in mind that Nascar is a Fan Driven entity…I had 2 people ask me about my Camera. Those 2 different people asked me if it was alright to have my camera. I was confused at first, but on the Speed Street website FAQ (see 6th item) it states that No still or video is allowed. Being inspired by a recent Thomas Hawk article, I told one of the people I spoke with…I don’t think that they can stop you…there are photographer’s rights, and this is a public area…Why would they state such a thing on their website? That is Crap. In all fairness I had no trouble, nor did anyone tell me to stop.