Save Zooomr

Zooomr Mark III: Hardware Crash PSA from Kristopher on Vimeo

It looks like the darkest hour…one that no one wanted to see. Kris Tate, a 19 year old programmer, has been working many long hours especially this last week trying to get the site upgraded to the newest incarnation, Zooomr Mark III. After the long wait everyone that had been following the progress during this time in the IRC chat room and on their Ustream channel was excited to finally see Zooomr up and running…for about 15 min. Then something bad happened.

That something bad was the machine that they had been using for production took a hard hit and went down. Looks like the Raid controller just couldn’t hang, and died. Soon afterwards a someone in the chatroom drove Kris to their datacenter only to find the machine in an unusable state.

Where does that leave it? I don’t know. What’s their next move? I think that they are now in that holding pattern to see if the calvary is coming and who’s calvary it is…

If you can help out a new start up…now would be a great time to step up.

I for one will donate a little something…and I will be hitting Dell, IBM, Red Hat, and Novell and filling out contact forms to see if I can drum up some action there. Won’t you join me? Feel free to Copy this text into feedback letters if you write companies.