Zooomr almost ready to crest that hill

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Well yesterday was in some ways a disater…and others not so much.

Zooomr had gotten a much need help up from Zoho, with the donation of some server room space, and from Sun Micro for the loaner server, a x4500 Thumper. Well, in an effort to get the new server online, another problem became apparent. The server needed 220v and the server rooom is wired for 110v. Well, that would be a problem.

Kristopher and Tim from Sun who personally delivered the server hung with it for most of the Day on Friday and the previous night. After some exhaustion, and I believe a lack of some focus, things seem to fall apart. Kris was understandably tired and punchy left the data center and went to the Technorati offices, Thomas Hawk was elsewhere, and users (who have been following everything on uStream for the whole 12 days so far) were getting a little frustrated for lack of information.

…and with that lack of information and frustration lead the community to create a wiki with some bullet items and information of what is going on. Additionally, Kevin Devin and I were talking on the side about what we could do, an idea popped in our heads. Why are they creating a wiki on wikidot and not on Zoho. So after I mentioned it in the chat room, and before I could do it myself, everyone loved that idea and shortly moved it over to here. (I have to mention that I like the Zoho Wiki very much)

Well, last night Robert Scoble stepped in and drove Kris back to the data center and it looks like him just showing up gave Kris a much needed shot in the arm. After a night of work, once again, it looks as though things are ready to rock and to quote Robert, “flick will be switched” on Saturday.