Old School Steampunk

On Technorama, we have been talking about Steampunk for a while now and I can’t help it. I am strangly fascinated with the designs that people dream up. If you don’t know, Steampunk is the now popular design style of modern day gadgets into Victorian era English style. Somewhat like the design and style of the show the Wild Wild West where they had all this cool spy gadgets in the old west.

I saw this over at Shorpy, and had to share. Shorpy is ” a blog about old photos and what life a hundred years ago was like: How people looked and what they did for a living, back when not having a job usually meant not eating.” The Blog is a lot of fun to follow, and I highly recommend putting it in your feedreader.

Help Is On the Way: 1915 | Shorpy Historical Photographs

“Mine Rescuer” circa 1915. View full size. George Grantham Bain Collection.

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