The Best for Last

The Best for Last, originally uploaded by Kreg.

…and so with this marks the close of a pretty good day. Today was my latest birthday which brings the total up to 39. 39 fun and interesting years.

As I have gotten older it is hard not to think about missed opportunities, and things I should have done. I have no real regrets, but I know I need to focus on the things I have accomplished.

I have a family with a wonderful wife, and son. I have a nice home for us to live. I have made lots of interesting friends through Technorama and podcasting, and that is what it is all about. I always believed that Family and friends were the most important thing a guy could have.

So, as I close in on the big 40 coming up on the horizon next year, I see nothing but air and opportunity between me and it, and I plan on making the best of it.