I’m Running for PodPresident!

This is personal note to all the readers of my blog. I have thought long and hard on the decision to run for PodPresident.com, and with the support of my Family they have made this decision easier.

I am in fact running for PodPresident.com for 2008 as a proud Cadidate for the Analog Party.

The Analog Party, founded in 1927, has had a log tradition of standing up for content creators rights and today that is even more relevant. As podcasters you should be concerned about your rights to produce and distribute your material, and your rights to be BIG MEDIA FREE!

Join me as I start this journey and begin my campain as PodPresident for 2008…together we can make a difference.

Visit PodPresident.com for more details on the posistion, and for podcasted updates and news.

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