Free Comic Book Day! This Saturday!

I have been taking my son and my brother-in-law to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find each year since my son was born for Free Comic Book Day! It is one of those things that we all like to do together. We get to go and hang out a bit, and look over comics which isn’t something that I do that often now-a-days and that is probably why I am so gung ho about it.

I guess the other reason I feel I have a Flag to bear for FCBD is I always thought that comic book artist and writers never really got the respect that they should. (Until recently that is with the spat of good comic book based films coming out) Comics have always had that persona that they are for kids, and to a degree that is probably true, but there is a lot of smartly written stories and amazing art that is poured into these pages that anyone should be able to find something to admire and enjoy.

Now, Free Comic Book Day to me is also a primer. A primer for Heroes Con that is held in uptown Charlotte, NC. Heroes Con isn’t a large con like San Diego or NY, but it is very comic/artist based. There are a lot of independent artists and a lot of amazing art to look at as well as a lot of interesting people to meet.

So this weekend head out to your friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store and celebrate comics and the people that make them.

psst…go see Iron Man too.