Very Cool Moleskines!

I think that they idea of an artist collaboration to try and fuel everyone involved in a hopeful continuous feedback loop. We have seen lots of great collaborations come from the internet, and I think that is one of it’s (Internet) greatest strengths.

So that is I want to share this site with you, but also check out the site. There are a number of Very cool Moleskine’s notebooks with laser engraved images on them that are sure to inspire the artist in you.

MODOFLY (found via: LifeHacker)

MODOFLY is an artist collaborative piloted by a couple of jack-of-all trade artists/designers that go by the names of Jordan and Kevin. Their goal is to inspire artists and users alike with the hope that they themselves will be continually fueled by the feedback loop that happens when people work together. We hope you join us as we grow and evolve to bigger and better things, holding to the belief that with community great things can happen.