Knocking the Dust off my Camera

I don’t know why but i have been in a photography funk for about 3 months. What does photography funk mean? I guess I am trying to say that I haven’t been inspired to do anything. A hiatus if you will. I can probably chalk it up to winter…not being able to get out so much, or  perhaps all the time I have had tied up between the holidays and projects I have taken on since then.

How do you get out of a funk? I imagine it is the same as how you would overcome writers block and if so does anyone have an answer to that. I would imagine that getting over any block you have to try something different and see things in a different light?

I am reminded of Dead Poets Society where Robin Williams asked everyone to stand up on their desks. He was trying to prove the point that you can see the world differently if you change your perspective. Maybe that is what I need to do. It works, I tried it.

Today I took my first step, even though it is cold out, I tried to rally some troops on twitter to do the same and I headed out into the city and walked around. No plan, just take pictures. It is a start.

Away from the Rocks

This next week I am going to try and get back on my Photo Horse and ride.

How do you get over your funk?