First Post

Wow…it seems I missed a milestone. I started to look back at some older posts on my blog here and I see that the obligatory !FirstPost! was made May 14th, 2004. Now, I have had the site for some time, I think I bought the domain back in 2000. I know I have not been the most prolific blogger during all of this time, but I have had my share of posts as well as my share of dry spells.

Reading some of my old posts I can see where a lot of the material I was posting bled over into Technorama and I see a lot of other things that mattered to me including Linux and Open Source, however one thing I haven’t done a lot of is bring personal opinions here about politics, etc. I guess I hadn’t because I don’t really like the confrontation that you get on the internet with things of that nature. It can be very one sided.

So as time moves on perhaps I will bring more personal opinion and personal thoughts in the next 6 years, don’t know. But what I do know is I do like to share and I do believe that when we share, we grow and I will be still doing that for some time to come all the while as I strive to be a better blogger.