Viral Marketing

I recently received an email from The Beatles. (Not a personal one) and something struck me as funny….

LOVE Media Player for Your Site
To coincide with the release of “LOVE”, we have launched a viral mini-media player that you can embed into your web, myspace and bebo pages…

It is one thing to consider videos and things passed around the internet as Viral Marketing. However it is another for marketing material to refer to something that they are offering as viral. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, and it shows their hand a bit. “Here you do the work for us.”

Long Live the Beatles

No RIAA Tax!

This article at TechCrunch is talking about Peter Jenner, a music exec that has worked with the likes of Pink Floyd, wants to tax items such as Cell Phones, Blank CDs, etc to pay the music labels for lost sales as CD sales start to decline.

(To be fair, I am responding to an Opinion piece)

I say take that tax scheme and SHOVE it, Peter. I rarely purchase listen to music anymore, for several reasons, and most if not all of my blank media is for my self generated content (ie Podcasts, Videos I make). Why should I pay them for that? Nor do I watch TV shows on my Cell…The arrogance that they should be getting money from me because they think they are due it is a load of Crap. The arrogance comes in where they think that what they produce is SO good that everyone owes them for it is garbage, and this is their first flaw in their thinking that they are due something. Example…(Not that I am buying a Zune) But why should Universal get $1 of every one sold? (Beside it just being a bad business decision).

Our Government has NO business being in the music business. None what so ever. This is NOT the role for our system…If the Music companies are in a hole it is only because they dug it, and they need to climb out of it on their own. Our Government shouldn’t bail them out because they made bad business decisions like suing their customers and making DRM’d music that is a pain to deal with and limiting. In addition I say that if our Government stepped in 2 things would happen. 1. you take away their incentive to be innovative, and 2, they (Music Industry) will be reliant upon that money and it will never be enough so they say.

If they want help, Innovate, change your business models, work with your consumers not against, and stop making Garbage crap you want to sell us….

To be honest…I think they waited to late, they world has moved on with out you, and we really don’t need you anymore. Show me why you are relevant and not just a pain in our….

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Replacing DRM With A Music Tax Is Incredibly Stupid
Jenner wants the government to step in and save big labels. He’s calling for a mandatory monthly tax in the European Union on broadband Internet and mobile phones of around €4/month that allows consumers to download and consume all the music they want without DRM. Payments will be made to rights holders according to popularity of music – if a song is very popular, it will get a higher percentage of total fees collected.

iTunes Signature Maker

This is pretty cool! It takes how ever many songs you tell it out of your iTunes and makes a “Signature” of your music.

It takes little samples and overlays, and strings them together to make a wav file that reflects your music library.

Here is my 60sec one. Now this is off of my laptop and it has mostly sweepers and ID’s for my podcast, Technorama.

My iTunes Signature

Make yourself one.

iTunes Signature Maker

Even David Byrne gets it from the RIAA

What a bunch of idiots. The RIAA has got to be the most close minded morons the world has ever produced.

David Burns got a warning from the RIAA for playing too much Missy Elliot in a row on his personal MP3 stream on his website.

He has a good rant on licensing and why can’t he play the same artist several times in a period of time and Radio stations can…good point.

David’s Journal: Current

iTunes on a PocketPC device?

Whoa! This is something that I can get behind. I like iTunes and I like my PocketPC. Seems like a match that could work for me.

schrankmonster blog – Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5 spotted!!!
I managed to get my hands on Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. After the Motorola ROKR Apple seems to get seriously into the mobile phone business. As my sources tell there will be a special data rate for T-Mobile bundled with devices that come with iTunes (maybe we’ll see an official announcement soon).


This app looks cool. It allows you to browse your music like you are flipping through your older vinyl album covers.

I do try to make sure that all my MP3s have album art in them so I will be checking this out…

Don’t know about you, but I find browsing a list of album names somewhat uninspiring, to say the least. One of the big appeals of a physical album is the beautiful packaging and aesthetic appeal, something that’s sorely missed with the digital equivalent.

Dueling iPods! Alright!

I use to DJ back in the Dark Ages. I loved matching beats, and mixing up songs. There is this great satisfaction that you get when people are dancing and partying to what you are playing…

I haven’t mixed in a while, but it is still an interest to me. Anyway, look at what showed up over at Engadget! Set up a mixing stack with iPods!

Oh how I wish that I had MP3’s back then. I could have saved my back hauling around all those records.

Numark busts out iDJ dueling iPod mixer – Engadget –