Photography Rights

Speed Street in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC today was the kick off of Speed Street to coincide with the race this weekend. They block off a large section of downtown and have vendors and other events to celebrate the weekends festivities. Now, keeping in mind that Nascar is a Fan Driven entity…I had 2 people ask me about my Camera. Those 2 different people asked me if it was alright to have my camera. I was confused at first, but on the Speed Street website FAQ (see 6th item) it states that No still or video is allowed. Being inspired by a recent Thomas Hawk article, I told one of the people I spoke with…I don’t think that they can stop you…there are photographer’s rights, and this is a public area…Why would they state such a thing on their website? That is Crap. In all fairness I had no trouble, nor did anyone tell me to stop.

Me…Past, Present, and Future

My Brother and IMy Brother and I Hosted on Zooomr

I was feeling a little nostalgic the other day and as I was flipping through my photo album I decided to scan some in and post them. It was fun looking at them again, and checking out the detail as I was cleaning up the pictures (dust and scratches).
Update: Here is a link to the Set.

Photography Thieves are Out there…Watch out!

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir (otherwise known as _rebekka), is one of the most popular photographers at Flickr, a single mom, and an art student. She does some very impressive self portaits and landscape photography. She recently found out that she had her images stolen and sold by Only-Dreemin, a British company, passing them off as being someone else’s images!

Being a single mom and all, she doesn’t have the funds to go after them to get the money that they made from her art which is sad. I hate to see someone getting taken advantage of like this.

Anyway, you can head over and get all the details from her write up and check the end. There is an email address where you can write them an angry email for stealing.

There is also a digg posted also.

110 ft to go…

110 ft to go110 ft to go Hosted on Zooomr

I love always having the camera with me in my backpack. When there is an opportunity to snap a few, it is nice to have it there, as I had a few moments to walk around waiting for my sons Tee-Ball game.


Snake!Snake! Hosted on Zooomr

More Earth Day stuff…Over the course of a couple of weekends, there were two festivals going on in celebration of The Earth! I am now about festival’d out. 😉

These were taken at the Museum of York County.

More from Earthday

Bare Wheel

Seems like it never ends. 😉

This is from an old metal, rusting plow that sits beside Billy Graham’s (relocated) childhood home.

Hands and Clay

Hands and ClayHands and Clay Hosted on Zooomr

From our Earth Day outing. Surprisingly they had no recycling there, and served Lunch on paper plates. A little odd.

Railroad to nowhere

Railroad to nowhereRailroad to nowhere Hosted on Zooomr

Attached to this post is an AAC Enhanced Podcast. You will need iTunes to view it right. For those of you that don’t know, an enhanced podcast is audio and pictures merged together for a slideshow of sorts. As you listen, iTunes will change the picture as the chapters change. (You will need to view the Album art pane to see it) This was an experiment, So check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, I will do a write up on how to make this, complete with the php script that automates the process.

*Update* I noticed that playing it on the site makes it skewed some…Best if you download it and then play it in Quicktime or iTunes.