Evernote on Mobile not returning all results

I currently use Evernote 10 on Desktop (10.21.5) and also on Android (10.16). On my shortcuts, I keep a tag called People that has a list of people I meet, business cards, etc. On the desktop app clicking on the tag (in shortcuts) returns 131 people, on my Android app it only returns 10.

To chase down the dependency I picked one of the results from the desktop app that should show on the mobile app and was able to search for the note specifically and find it. Now that I know it exists, I can also see the tag associated on the note. Trying to filter again on the tag, it still would not show.

I figured that it may be an issue with the mobile Evernote DB being corrupt, so I logged out of Evernote then cleared the storage/cache (see screenshot below). Once I logged back into Evernote on mobile, it seemed to work as expected.

LWIF Ep 36: More Dog Days talk and Exercise

Tonight I talk about some of the things around the Dog Days of which I recorded a video (link here) with Douglas E. Welch about that very topic (video embedded below). I also talk about exercise and my thoughts on what Dave Slusher had to say.

(My audio podcast is below the video)