Comic for Sept 2nd 2006

Things are coming along…I am learning how these strips need to be formatted.
I will be on Vacation next week, so I don’t even know if I will have strips to put up. I am trying to get ahead of myself so I have a backlog for times like this, however, I just started and dont […]

Comic for Aug 31st

I guess I am just going to showcase some of my characters. I have a bunch of them that I have worked on over the years and that is my dilemma…I can’t settle on one set to work with as a regular strip. It is like having 3 or 4 sitcoms and I don’t know […]

Comic for Aug 30th

Finally after all this planning I have something up! It is a start and I see that I still need some work on lettering and speechballoons, but I am excited to see where all this takes me, us, everyone.
Posting comics will be spotty at first but I plan on making this a daily thing, So […]