Increase iPod battery by 70%

Increase iPod battery by 70% – Engadget –
It was nice of Apple to up the battery life on the new iPod to 12 hours from the sorta dismal 8 hours of juice the earlier ones got, but if you’re not quite ready to drop $300 or $400 to upgrade, NewerTech has a new replacement battery for first and second generation iPods that adds an extra 70% of battery capacity. The iPod originally came with a 1230mAh rated battery, while this Ultra High Capacity version tops out at almost double that, 2100mAh. Easily worth the $40 if it%u2019s really that good.

Photoblogs from around the world

To me it is always interesting to see what other people see in the world, and no better way to do it than with a camera and the Internet.
Over at there a links to a ton of photoblogs where shutterbugs post pictures everyday of people and places. The quality of these pictures are amazing, and captivating. It is easy to visit the links they have and get lost for hours.

Guide to Springfield USA

I saw this link on /. today, and thought that this was hilarious.

It is a map of springfield where the Simpsons live. Definatly, a case of the ‘too-much-time-on-thier-hands’, but it is cool.

Nautilus Spatial Mode

Colin Charles wrote an article called The Spatial Way talking about how the new Nautilus works in Gnome 2.6.

It took me a day or so to get used to it, and I found that I actually like it better. It is kind of the way that windows explorer worked early on, when you open a folder it opens another explorer window.

I know that they have shortcuts to close the parent windows, however I would like to suggest another shortcut. I think that a SHIFT-click on the X in the top right corner should close the current window and all parents. (I used that a lot in the old style Windows) I may just head on over to Bugzilla for Gnome and suggest that.

Ok… Third time is the charm.

In an attempt to keep a journal, I am starting my Blog once again.

Before, I was using B2, which was alright, but a little dated. I had some problems with someone, or some software out there, posting spam on my blog. Is it not enought that I already get it in my email?!? sheesh.
I also think that also there is a scam for bandwidth. I think this because some of the comments that I was getting had little to do with what I posted, and there were a lot of them. I believe that somehow, my blog was storing comments for someone elses message board. I dont know for sure, but a hunch.

So, I finally said forget it, and ditched the whole thing. Anywho, I am back up, and willing to take another stab at it.

I will be updating the look of the site, as this is basically a default template. I like it, but I want to make this something unique.