My local paper talks about Podcasting…and Me.

Chuck and I have been doing Technorama for almost 2 years now. (That in itself is hard to imagine) It has been fascinating to see Podcasting grow over the last few years, and Technorama as well.

It has grown so much now that my local paper The Herald even wrote an article about it….

‘It’s growing, it’s big, it’s huge’ — it’s a local podcast
It’s podcasting, and as Steppe described, “it transcends a radio station.” After all, there are no call letters. No paid DJs. Just some technologically skilled folks connecting through a common interest. Podcasts can be about anything and any length.

BTW…I don’t really consider myself a World Wide DJ….LOL

Friends in Tech – A Geek Christmas Carol

Our new Christmas Special is coming soon (Dec 18th) however, for those of you that haven’t heard our previous production “A Geek Christmas Special” here is a link. I am still quite proud at how this turned out.

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A Geek Christmas Carol

With his old friend Steve Marley and 3 ghosts of Tech Christmas past in tow, Scrooge is confronted with the decisions he is making and the life that he has had before…

iTunes and WordPress Funkiness

I think that I have found a bug in iTunes!

My buddy Victor Cajiao over at the Typical PC User Podcast had some funkiness going on with his feed. On Saturday he posted a show (See “Before” image) once iTunes downloaded it, iTunes would change the subscribed to feed from his feedburner address to the last enclosure URL (See “After” image). This was a problem because you would not get anymore updates from him because the URL for the MP3 was not a valid XML file! (See “After-After” image) …and therefore a bunch of iTunes users were not subscribed any longer.

I tried several fixes including upgrading his WordPress to 2.0 and a lot of other hair-brained fixes..the problem was there was an open link tag in a previous posts show notes (Kudos to Blaine McDonnell for catching that). Of course this is not right…but I think that this kicked off a bug in iTunes that changed the subscription URL.

There is a directive that you can put in your feed to point everyone to a new feed…but it shouldn’t do that unless it explicitly sees it. So podcasters be aware! Close all the tags in your Show Notes! (Which is good advice for anything really)

*Update* Apparently the podcast guys at Apple got back to us and said that they had seen this before as a rare problem…and are looking to fix that…Awesome!

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