Engadget 1985

Over at Engadget they have a post that looks like it was written in 1985, complete with images and ascii art. It is a great post.

Back in June on my podcast Technorama that I co-host with Chuck Tomasi we did something similar. We produced the show as if it was June 15th 1987. It was a lot of fun to do…but thinking like it was 1987 as opposed to 2005 made my head hurt.

Need sound effects?

The freesoundproject has a TON of sound effects and the like all under the creative commons license! They are looking for sound effects, loops, and things to create a collaborative database of CC licensed sound files.

This place is awesome. Just register, and away you go..and Hey! Don’t forget to contribute too.
The Freesound Project

Calling Doctor Floyd!

Welcome to another edition of “Kreg’s: How’d I Miss That!”

My buddy Chuck Tomasi whom I co-host Technorama with, pointed me to Doctor Floyd. I am kicking myself in the rear trying to figure out how this one got by me. This podcast is like crossing Jimmy Neutron with Rocky and Bullwinkle. It is short, about 3 – 5 minutes each, and funny. It is done in the style like an old serial radio broadcast.

Season 3 starts Monday August 1st, but to catch up Seasons 1 and 2 are available for download off of thier website. Since the episodes are short, you can buzz through each season in about 30 minutes.

Definitely worth listening to.

Welcome to doctorfloyd.com
When his Time and Space Travel Device is stolen by the evil mastermind Dr. Steve and his sock-shaped assistant Fidgert…Dr. Floyd, his young protégé Dr. Grant and their faithful robot companion C.H.I.P.S. must do what they can to get it back. Bent on achieving fame and fortune, Dr. Steve plans to race through history stealing historical items and then returning to the future to sell them on eBay. Can Dr. Floyd and his crew thwart the evil machinations of Dr. Steve and Fidgert? The only way to find out is to tune into the
Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd!

Podcasters stats surge because of iTunes…

I have heard a lot of Podcasters talking about their surge in listenership since iTunes 4.9 was released. I am sure that is taking place some, but I wonder how much of the surge is not new subscriptions to podcasts as much as it is people “Previewing” their show from within iTunes. I believe that would count as a download…

Just thinking out loud.

Best 5 minutes I spent all week.

This short 5 minute podcast is great! Wichita Rutherford interviews Bluegrass stars, and it isn’t your normal boring interview either. He makes it fun by goofing around with them, rather than just talking.

It will leaving you wondering…”My 5 minutes are over already?”

Definitely worth a listen.
5 minutes with Wichita

iTunes with Podcast support

iTunes 4.9 is available for download now! It supports podcasts out of the box, and I think that this is great for anyone new to the medium.

I installed it and found that it was easy to start building a list of podcasts that I was subscribed to. One notable feature I like is that there are options for what to keep, so that you don’t fill up your harddrive with shows that you are done with or didn’t listen to. Also, it keeps your podcast shows separate from your Library of music. To me that is a awesome. I often loose shows when they are mixed in with the general population, unless the genre is set to “Podcast” or something.

There are a few notable things that I believe could use improving. One is importing of OPML lists, and maybe some smartlist capability, however I think that this is a step in the right direction…

If a geek falls at CON does he make a sound?

About a month ago, I started co-hosting a podcast with Chuck Tomasi over at ChuckChat.com. I don’t know why I am just now posting something about it…but I am.

We talk about Tech, geek, and anything in between. In the last few shows, Chuck and I talked about 10 things you can do with your old pc…and I did a Sound Seeing tour of my Midnight experience seeing Revenge of the Sith, and I also had a nice interview with one of the drivers of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.

On this Wednesdays show we are talking about Firefox, and our favorite extensions and tricks. Coming up, in the next few episodes…Wiki’s (not Wookies) and later in June I will be visiting Hero’s Comic Book convention in Charlotte, NC.

So come on over and release your inner geek!