Sketch of the Day: 3-28-2008

Thanks to to Scott Johnson at He has been doing a Sketch a Day since the first of the year. So naturally, I thought I would jump on his awesome idea and steal it for myself.

I used to be a huge wanna be cartoonist when I had the time back in high school, but as work life set in…that never came around. Not that it is anyone’s fault but my own for not perusing a dream, I feel like it is time to do something with the creative side of me that is lurking around. I think life itself is kicking me in the ass to do something too (see this post).

Besides, I have this new Wacom tablet I am trying to get used to…and there is only one way to learn…and that is banging my head against the wall trying to use it! (this is how I get most information into my brain)

My Plan is to do 365 of these things, so come back early and often! See you tomorrow! You can subscribe here!