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At the top of my site I have changed my graphic in keeping with my HHGG day (At least it is HHGG day in my world today) I had some people email me and ask where I got the pic of the Bable fish.

I got it from the BBC’s hitchhiker site. They have images and all sorts of things related to the the radio and tv shows.

Check it out here.
The picture is on the “Picture gallery” link on the left.

Aren’t you a little short for Darth Vader?

I thought of myself as a Star Wars Fan, but my status may be dwindling as we speak. These are true fans..no, actually I would say “Star Wars Freaks” (And I mean that as a complement).

At the recent Star Wars Celebration III the entire 501st Legion got together for a group picture.
I have to think that this has to be a logistical nightmare. One to get everyone together… and Two is that you have to handle the people that all want to be Darth Vader. I wonder this because remember when we were all kids and everyone wanted to be Indiana Jones or everyone wanted to be Luke…

Cool picture… even if there are about 15 Darth Vaders in it.

Click on the link below and have a look a the large picture that they have of all the members.
501st.com Home Page