UPN Renews ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’

I saw this on slashdot.org today. Looks like Enterprise is sticking around a bit longer. I was afraid that the show was going down the big wormhole in the sky, but I guess not.

This whole past season has been a story arc about the xindi and how they plan on destroying earth, because humans apparently will destroy them in the future. I was getting a bit tired of the whole thing to the point of asking if cancellation was the best thing.

I believe that they should have made the story arc for just half of the season or something, however the last 5 episodes though have really picked up steam, and I have really enjoyed em. I also see that they are letting Archer become a little more Kirk-like and stepping away from the whole P.C. thing which is something that I couldn’t stand about Voyager.

I think that the writing is good, and I like the premise and the cast…but lets remember all of the other series needed a little time to find thier sea, uh…space legs. So I for one am happy that they are staying around.


The other day I downloaded The OpenCD. They had just released version 1.4 and I was interested to see what software that they installed provided on it. (Very handy BTW)

After some looking around I found a game called Neverball. It is like putt putt meets marble madness. It is a lot of fun, and free. I spent a couple hours playing this thing. You probably will too…

Ok… Third time is the charm.

In an attempt to keep a journal, I am starting my Blog once again.

Before, I was using B2, which was alright, but a little dated. I had some problems with someone, or some software out there, posting spam on my blog. Is it not enought that I already get it in my email?!? sheesh.
I also think that also there is a scam for bandwidth. I think this because some of the comments that I was getting had little to do with what I posted, and there were a lot of them. I believe that somehow, my blog was storing comments for someone elses message board. I dont know for sure, but a hunch.

So, I finally said forget it, and ditched the whole thing. Anywho, I am back up, and willing to take another stab at it.

I will be updating the look of the site, as this is basically a default template. I like it, but I want to make this something unique.