Gimp Tip

I hadn’t noticed this before…You can have Dynamic Keyboard shortcuts in Gimp. Meaning that when you are using the program you can just assign a keyboard shortcut to a function on the fly with out going to prefrences.

Click on File->Prefrences->Interface
Turn on “Use Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts”

Now, when you are editing an image and select something from the menu. Highlight the menu selection with the mouse and while it is highlighted hit a key stroke combo.

HHGG Header image

At the top of my site I have changed my graphic in keeping with my HHGG day (At least it is HHGG day in my world today) I had some people email me and ask where I got the pic of the Bable fish.

I got it from the BBC’s hitchhiker site. They have images and all sorts of things related to the the radio and tv shows.

Check it out here.
The picture is on the “Picture gallery” link on the left.

Gimp Splash Screen Winner

I want to congratulate Bill Luhtala on his win with “work in progress…”. There were a lot of good choices, and I am sure it was hard to pick just one…

It was a fun contest, and I really enjoyed having an image in the running.

You can find out more information, as well as other contestants that were high on the cut list over at The Gimp