Podcasting Mania!

Wow…seems like a busy podcasting week for me.

Sunday night I was on the Typical Mac User Podcast with Victor Cajiao talking about doing things with your Mac. It was a lot of fun and got some good questions from the chat room. Victor always has a lively bunch hanging out during the show, and he knows how to work the crowd.

Monday night I got the privilege of hanging out and talking with Dean Jensen of the Soho Technology Podcast. Bruce Barr and I were on talking about Open Source in the Soho environment. Dean brought something up that I hadn’t thought about in a while. Smaller networks, or more specifically, small businesses needs are different from that of larger corporations. It isn’t a one size fits all world and I know that, and not having been involved with small businesses/small networks in the capacity that Dean has as a consultant in a long while kinda got lost somewhere in my mind.

*update* I almost forgot to mention that Chuck and I interviewed Dr. Pamela Gay Sunday about Her podcasting and of course, Astronomy…loads of fun. That should be coming out this week on Technorama.

Geo Caching!


Yesterday I went on a Geo Cache hunt and found my first one! If you don’t know what GeoCaching is head on over here and read all about it. Basically, it is a treasure hunt with GPS coordinates. When you find the cache, you can take an object and leave something in return.

I used my trusty Nokia N800 and an iBlue 737 and it looks like I had a more productive time than ThoughtFix at Tabletblog.com, which his post was the inspiration to try it.

I found this at the base of a tree with a couple of sticks and leaves on it. I left a Deutsch Mark in return for a coin that was in the container.