iTunes on a PocketPC device?

Whoa! This is something that I can get behind. I like iTunes and I like my PocketPC. Seems like a match that could work for me.

schrankmonster blog – Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5 spotted!!!
I managed to get my hands on Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. After the Motorola ROKR Apple seems to get seriously into the mobile phone business. As my sources tell there will be a special data rate for T-Mobile bundled with devices that come with iTunes (maybe we’ll see an official announcement soon).

Sync your Pocket PC with Linux

I have done this once, and it worked…. | Sync your Pocket PC with Linux
You can use a Pocket PC with Linux, but the integration of a device such as Hewlett-Packard’s iPaq with Linux software such as Evolution requires add-on software. If you wish to use a Windows CE device with Linux you will need to install SynCE, a set of open source tools. You can download the software from