Dirkon – The Paper Camera

I saw this via Hack-a-day. It is a pinhole camera that you put together and it resembles a real 35mm camera. It was originally printed in a magazine and you follow the instructions and create your camera. I thought that this was a especially worthy hack considering what you can do when you have very little to work with.

Dirkon – The Paper Camera [pinhole.cz]
During the 1970s, magazines published in Communist Czechoslovakia were controlled by the state, like the majority of other enterprises. Very few good magazines were available and were difficult to get hold of, so people would borrow and exchange them when given the opportunity. This also applied to magazines aimed at young people, which was probably one of the reasons why almost everyone from my generation, when we get on to the subject of pinhole cameras, has fond memories of the cut-out paper camera known as Dirkon*, published in 1979 in the magazine ABC mladých techniků a přírodovědců [An ABC of Young Technicians and Natural Scientists].