Opera is Free! What about Firefox?

I like Opera. I have used it before on Linux before Mozilla Suite started getting legs. Now that it is free I see people wondering, “How will this effect Firefox?” I think it is more like how will this effect IE.

Well, I see it like this.
1. Competition is good.
2. More base for Standards, forcing IE’s hand

IE needs a kick in the pants, and it is getting one. I will go so far as say it is irresponsible for Microsoft to insist on IE as a users first and default browser and have it be such a security hole, and non compliant.

I know that they are working on it, but other projects like Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror seem to keep up in a much more timely fashion. Microsoft better step it up. If the turn out another, just ok, browser I think it is lights out for IE domination.