Broadcast Flag Again?

HOW can this be true what Mike Ferguson says below? It is ncessary to protect the music industry from the threat of piracy? There hasn’t been a broadcast flag on any radios up until now, has this caused an outbreak of piracy?

Once again here is an un-informed Government figure trying to push something that is seemingly self serving. Why make more laws for copyright infringment? If the market will bear an industry putting DRM in equipment without LAWs, go ahead. BUT this just CHAPS me to no end to shove this DRM crap down my NECK! I don’t want to file share media that I collect, I want to use it as I want to in my home.
Take a Stand against DRM, don’t let them take your fair-use rights away! Contact your Congressmen… I am.

Congress raises broadcast flag for audio | CNET
Digital radio receivers without government-approved copy-prevention technology likely would become illegal to sell in the future, according to new federal legislation announced Thursday.

Rep. Mike Ferguson, a New Jersey Republican, said his bill–which would enforce a so-called “broadcast flag” for digital and satellite audio receivers–was necessary to protect the music industry from the threat of piracy.

Later in the article…

At a breakfast roundtable with reporters on Thursday, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said some sort of legislation is necessary to prevent Americans from saving high-quality music from digital broadcasts, assembling a “personal music library” of their own, and redistributing “recorded songs over the Internet or on removable media.”

They assume you and me are thieves. (BTW…The RIAA bought the Reporters Breakfast…how nice)