Me and IE

IE 7 that is.

I installed it on my laptop, I had too…we will probably be rolling it out at some point. I like a point. That point being ANYTHING other than IE6 is better.

I was using Google reader…It was blocking images from all my articles. I think that it does this because the images are on another server other than google (anti-phishing). When I click the INFO bar to tell it to show the images…it refreshes the page…therefore, when the page comes back, I am still looking at my UN-READ ITEMS, and the article that I was just looking at is now read because I was already viewing it before the refresh. Now I have to go hunt for it in my READ items for it.

Also I see TOO many confirmation boxes. I clicked on the info bar, and said, “Allow Popup from this site”. Then a box pops up, “Allow popups from”. Didn’t I just tell it that? Also…the Internet Options is basically the same set up as the old one on IE6. I think that they could have given the prefrences a little more thought. Come on, shake things up a little…Organize it!

I also showed IE7 to a co-worker, their first reaction? “Hey, it looks like Firefox”

I am still sold on Firefox…the plugins ALONE are worth their weight in gold.

Bottom Line, I like it aside from my quirks above. (ALPHA PNGs W00T!)

New and Improved, More of the same though.