You’ve got Microsoft!

The Windows Vista team responded to a recent Robert Scoble blog entry talking about a non-customizable “Signature” sound for the logon screen. They said here…

The idea behind this is that it will help the PC user know that their sound is working correctly, its current volume setting, and that the PC is prepped for music and video playback upon log-in.

That is the biggest BS marketing line if I have ever heard one. It isn’t MICROSOFT’s COMPUTER, it is mine and I shall customize it as I see fit! Not Redmond.

What they DO want is for everyone to hear it when you and others log in so that Microsoft will get market recognition. Just like that Nextel sound when you use the Instant Walkie Talkie, you know those beeps. Everyone used it, and whenever you hear it, you know it is Nextel.

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