Quantum Leap

I love this show. It was simple, a little Sci-fi built in, and something different each time. Mix the re-runs and my TiVo together, and I have a winning combination. Now, when this thing was on originally I was able to catch it some. It was one of those shows that came on at a time that didn’t work with my schedule.

So now I have a seasons-pass for it on the Tivo, and I have watched about 2 seasons or more. I looked on the net for information as time went on, and I remember reading how this show got the shaft when it was cancelled, and it did get it too.

Basically, they had to re-edit the last show that they did and convert it to a series ender. When I finally saw that episode, I was pissed. It sucked how that show was so good then enter the network execs and all of the sudden, BLAM. What a disappointment.

I also read that there is a new series on the horizon, with Sams Daughter Sammy Jo. Apparently she goes looking for Sam. I am interested, and I hope that this one won’t disappoint….