A conversation with Steve Ivy…He grows on you.

[13:20:13] Kreg Steppe Instead of Jpspan you may want to see http://www.modernmethod.com/sajax/index.phtml
[13:20:17] … You may have already.
[13:20:30] Steve Ivy seen it
[13:20:37] Kreg Steppe Figures.
[13:20:37] Steve Ivy can’t handle complex datatypes
[13:20:42] Kreg Steppe Ah.
[13:20:42] Steve Ivy jpspan maps arrays and such
[13:21:03] Kreg Steppe I read that…Once again you are one step ahead of me…Drat!
[13:21:13] … I’ll get you IVY!!!!
[13:21:48] Steve Ivy lol
[13:23:14] … /kreg shakes his fist at the heavens