Disappointed at Nikon

This is utter garbage. I just got a Nikon D70 and I am loving it…just to find out recently that they started farting around and pulling a Microsoft by encrypting the whitebalance information for RAW formatted image so that only Nikon’s software can work with it. So this effectivly locks out third party RAW converters or Open source applications too without risking DMCA litigation. I don’t use Photoshop or Nikon Capture. I use Gimp. I am getting tired of the out of no where “gotchas” that is a source of income for someone…Come on Nikon, this is how children act. I may just go get a Canon camera next.

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Not about the hardware, I am loving my D100, but this sucks rocks.

Such idiotic games with encrypted file formats are not something we need in this century. It’s my own business what software I use to open my RAW photos, why should Nikon decide for me? This sucks for all the free software projects that have support for NEF-format. I rather wish Nikon would concentrate on making the best cameras instead of playing power games with Adobe.