Pixar Cars World Premiere Report!

First off I have to say that having the premiere at Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC was a lot of fun! With an exhibition race of 12 cars (Which the “Cars” car won…go figure) Fireworks, a Military Fly over (which is customary at Races), and a killer movie made this one memorable night.

I will be talking more about this on my Podcast Technorama Sunday Night (read below to see what I thought)

– Preshow

Before the movie there was music, presentations of gifts (money) awarded to two charities, which included the admission that was paid by everyone (I think that was nice to see). Larry the Cable guy made the presentations and introductions of all the stars in the movie, and was the highlight of the pre show. The pre show did run a little long considering there were a lot of little kids there…you know how they can get tired of waiting when there is a lot of talking.

Music was provided by Brad Paisley, Party on the Moon, and Chuck Berry. Unfortunately, there were audio problems plaguing the whole production that would crop up from time to time, and it of course crops up at the worst times. Chuck berry got up to play and all anyone could hear was his monitors, which of course wasn’t right and was never corrected. This made him sound horrible and off key. I assume he wasn’t hearing what he needed, and it just made him look bad. He deserved better than that, and I know he is still better than that. The other band Party on the Moon, the lead singer lost his mic and it never came back.

Not to keep pounding on the negative, this was of course a family event, and billed as such, however there was a dancer/singer with the band, that was shaking her large ass in a sexual way which I could see a lot of parents not really happy with, including myself. I wasn’t offended exactly, but thought it wasn’t necessary.

Enough of the negatives….

Shown on 4, 50 foot tall outdoor movie screens, the audio and video was superb, and very easy to watch. With the late starting of the movie, I thought that my son (4) was going to pass out…as soon as the movie started, BAM he was wide awake.

– Movie (No Spoilers, I am hesitant to give out too many details since the movie doesn’t come out till June 9th.)
This movie has Heart, and isn’t just an animated flick. It is really easy to get attached to the characters, the animation is superb, and the story rolls right along making you smile all along the way.

The story doesn’t just revolve around racing, so don’t think that this is just a Nascar race circuit story line. However, if you are a race fan there is plenty to love. Like other Pixar films look for the details. They are everywhere, and I guarantee that you won’t get them all the first time. For example there is a display in a store, like you would see with sightseeing maps, but it had bumper stickers, as they panned down the stickers, I read some and they were funny, and my wife saw the others I didn’t see. Also you will find that level of detail on all the cars too.

I do want to add this…you know a movie is good when it does pull on your heart strings. All I am going to say is that I have driven cross country on I-40, and there is a scene that made me wish I hadn’t.

This is a definite classic, and you won’t be disappointed plucking down your hard earned to see it. Great for the Family, or anyone. Must See.

John Lasseter, Thanks again. You are the man.